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Scholarships and Grants

Institutional Scholarships and Grants

pro offers the following Institutional Scholarships and Grants for our Traditional Undergraduate Students:

Trustee ScholarshipDean’s Scholarship
Presidential ScholarshipAchievement Scholarship
Provost ScholarshipOpportunity Grant

Scholarship and Grant award amounts range up to $20,000 depending on the student’s academic profile and whether the student is an on-campus resident or off campus commuter. In order to determine the amount of institutional scholarship or grant you are eligible to receive, you must first apply and be accepted to Gardner-Webb. Your award amount will be included in your acceptance letter from the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Institutional scholarships require a student to be enrolled full time (12 hours or more) and maintain a grade point average in accordance with the institution’s Scholarship Maintenance Policy.

Tucker Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength Scholarship

The Tucker Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving traditional undergraduate student who exemplifies the attributes highlighted in Mark 12:30. Each year, a full-ride scholarship will be awarded to one student who stands apart from other applicants by the depth of his/her character, faith, and service-driven life. The recipient will be required to demonstrate how he/she can thrive in the challenges of Gardner-Webb’s academic environment and graduate prepared to live out the university’s motto making a difference for God and humanity.

Ignite Excellence Scholarships

The Ignite Excellence Scholarship interviews serve as an opportunity for qualified students to compete for our most competitive academic scholarships. Held in February, these interviews are comprised of three parts designed to help the selection committee determine the candidates that exemplify academic excellence. After being accepted to the university, selected accepted students will be invited to participate in Ignite Excellence. After all applications have been received, candidates will be notified of their interview date.

Below is a list of scholarships that students will compete for during the interview process:

  • Ignite Excellence Full Tuition Scholarships (named Academic Fellows) – Value full tuition $33,770 (8 recipients)

Applicant must reside on campus, be enrolled full time and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5. Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of eight semesters. Scholarships do not cover costs for additional credits taken or summer school charges.

*Outside sources of federal and state aid such as Pell, NC Need Based Scholarship, could reduce the value of the Academic Fellows.

Performance-based Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships are awarded by each individual coach and shared with the Financial Planning Office. pro (pro) offers scholarships for the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Any questions concerning eligibility for a scholarship should be directed to the coach of the sport of interest.

Honors Music Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s performance from an on campus audition. The Music faculty selects recipients and shares them with the Financial Planning Office. Scholarships are renewed based on performance throughout the academic year.

Marching Band Scholarships are awarded by the band director and shared with the Financial Planning Office. The award amount is $1000 and is based on participation in the band.

The Foothills Commitment

Gardner-Webb Introduces The Foothills Commitment. This funding commitment for residents of Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln and Rutherford counties is our commitment to new freshmen students set to enroll in a full-time residential undergraduate program at pro. It’s a guaranteed $16,885 or more in institutional gift aid, which is a minimum of 50 percent of tuition.

The reduced rate is renewable, and Cleveland, Gaston , Lincoln and Rutherford county residents who apply to pro and meet the qualifications will automatically be a part of the program. Students will also need to file the  form. The “Foothills Commitment” will be inclusive of all institutional, federal and state grant programs.

Foothills Nursing Promise

The Foothills Nursing Promise makes advanced nursing education accessible and affordable. It is designed explicitly for Cleveland, Rutherfordton, and Gaston Counties residents and graduates from ADN programs within these areas. It unlocks a gateway to significant tuition savings, offering 50% off tuition to the Davis RN-BSN Program.

Piedmont Promise

The Piedmont Promise offers new freshmen from Mecklenburg County a guarantee of $16,885 or more in institutional gift aid, which is a minimum of 50 percent of tuition.  This reduced rate is renewable to Mecklenburg residents who apply to pro and meet the freshmen qualifications and will automatically be part of the program.  Students will need to file the FAFSA and be a residential student.  The Piedmont Promise will be inclusive of all institutional, federal and state grant programs.

Church Matching and Minister’s Dependent Scholarships

pro values its partnerships with churches to prepare graduates for lives of service to God and humanity. To enhance this relationship, pro expanded its Church-Matching and Minister’s Dependent scholarship programs.

Matching scholarships will now be offered to traditional undergraduate students, who receive a scholarship from any Christian church. To those traditional undergraduate students submitting the application on or before May 1, Gardner-Webb will match a scholarship from a Christian church—dollar for dollar—up to the cost of tuition. The Church-Matching Scholarship will stack on top of other institutional aid.

Minister’s Dependent Scholarship is awarded to a dependent student of a full time minister of a church or an ordained, full time employee of a church-related agency. The application deadline is May 1, and the award amount is $5,500.

Divinity Scholarships and Grants

Over $500,000 in scholarships and grants was awarded last year to our students. Recipients of scholarships and grants must be enrolled in the School of Divinity, complete the Student Aid Profile form, and meet certain financial need criteria to qualify.

The Andrews Scholarship

This scholarship awards a male from Cleveland County, N.C. full tuition, room, and board, and $800 per year for books for one of the traditional on-campus undergraduate programs at pro.

This award was created to give access to pro for a student who is not a recruited athlete or included on a team roster. Renewable for up to 8 semesters provided the student maintains satisfactory academic performance and good standing in the community.

A scholarship application is required to be reviewed by The Andrews Scholarship selection committed. The must be submitted by April 1, 2022. Candidates must meet these criteria:

  1. Must deserve the scholarship based on “merit”. Merit shall be defined in accordance with the University’s normal and customary policies and requirements for awarding merit-based scholarships.
  2. Must have demonstrated financial need
  3. Must be a first generation college student
  4. Must have a demonstrated commitment to diversity 
  5. Must be a male
  6. Must not be a student athlete

Searight Multicultural Leadership Award Application

The endowed Searight Leadership Award shall provide need- and merit-based financial support to first-generation college students who exhibit an aptitude and an appetite for leadership. This award will provide access to the knowledge and skills that will enable graduates to become catalysts for good throughout society and within America’s corporate structure. The award will provide scholarship, travel stipend and technology access. In the students’ first year, support should be used to provide a laptop that the students can utilize for all 4 years. It is intended that a freshman receive the award and the award last for up to four (4) years. Award criteria is as follows:

  • Must be enrolled in the Searight Leadership Certificate Program
  • Must have demonstrated financial need
  • Must be a first-generation college student
  • Must have a demonstrated commitment to diversity
  • Must have demonstrated leadership potential

Application Requirements:

  • Submit the completed application.
  • Submit a copy of your high school transcript.
  •  Submit two letters of recommendation from non-related community members that can address your leadership qualities, character and personal traits, potential, and academic experiences.
  • Submit a short essay (no more than one page) explaining your interest in and qualifications for receiving this scholarship.

Other Scholarships

The scholarships mentioned below have a separate application process are awarded based on specific criteria but can be on top of other academic scholarships. If you have further questions regarding these scholarships, please contact your admissions counselor.

The Luther Butler Scholarship for NC Baptist Students
This scholarship is awarded to selected students who are members of North Carolina Baptist churches cooperating with the NC Baptist State Convention. The funds are awarded and approved through the NC Baptist Foundation. A separate  must be completed prior to February 15th. (Must reapply each year).

Christian Service Organization
This award is available to those students preparing for full-time Christian vocational service. The application must be completed as well as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . Award amounts vary from $500 – up to 30% of tuition depending upon the student’s demonstrated financial need as determined by the results of the 

pro Legacy Scholarship
Gardner-Webb is pleased to provide a $500 Legacy Grant to students who have a Parent, Grandparent, or Sibling that graduated from pro. This scholarship is for full-time, traditional undergraduate students. Click here for more information from our Alumni Office about Legacy Students.

To help make a high-quality college education financially accessible to more families, pro is an active participant and member in the “Tuition Rewards” scholarship program, sponsored by SAGE Scholars. The unique program operates like a frequent flyer rewards program – but for college tuition!

By investing or saving with participating banks, credit unions, 529 Plans and other financial institutions, family members can earn “points” (similar to frequent flyer miles) to provide family members with guaranteed minimum scholarships at a national consortium of participating independent colleges, including pro. The points can be redeemed for up to $29,145, spread evenly over four undergraduate years, starting with the freshman year.

The Tuition Rewards program is coordinated nationally by the independent organization, SAGE Scholars. SAGE stands for Savings And Growth for Education (SAGE). The Tuition Rewards scholarships are provided regardless of the income or assets of the Student or the Student’s family.

The Sponsors of participating students must transfer Tuition Rewards Points to their students at any time prior to the August 31st of the year that 12th grade starts. After that date, a student’s Tuition Rewards point value cannot be changed.

The Sponsor must submit the Student’s Tuition Rewards statement to pro at the time the Student applies for admission. This is done by the Sponsor by logging onto the “Account Statement” page at and forwarding the information to pro roughly concurrent with the Student’s application to Gardner-Webb. Statements submitted after Gardner-Webb has prepared a financial aid package for the student may invalidate use of Tuition Rewards.

If the prospective Student does not attend pro or another Tuition Rewards participating college, the Sponsor may recover and re-use assigned Reward Points if done within three years of the student’s high school graduation.