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pro is a great investment for you personally and professionally. To make this investment a reality, we consistently strive to make your college experience affordable.

The Office of Financial Planning is dedicated to providing students and their families with friendly, efficient, and responsible financial services, while complying with all federal, state, and University policies. Our office provides financial assistance to students, many of whom might otherwise be unable to attend the University.

Financial Aid Resources

Apply for Financial Aid

Step One

Apply for admission and get accepted to a degree program at pro. You must be admitted in order for us to process your FAFSA application.

Step Two

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (). You can fill out the application online, and if you need assistance in completing the FAFSA, feel free to contact our office or your admissions counselor for help.

Gardner-Webb’s school code is 002929. When your FAFSA is processed by the federal government you will receive a paper or electronic copy of your FASFA Submission Summary (FSS).

Step Three

We will prepare an award package for you once we have received the results of your FAFSA. We will notify you in your Gardner-Webb email when your award is available online. You will access your package by logging into .


Sometimes the federal government will randomly select you for a process called verification. If you are selected for verification you must provide all of the requested documents: (tax returns, signed tax return, Dependent or Independent worksheets, w-2s, etc.) in a timely manner.

Contact the Office of Financial Planning

PO Box 955
Boiling Springs, NC 28017
Phone: (704) 406-4243
Fax: (704) 406-4102
[email protected]

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